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Lazuli is a small living room sized restaurant in the Shangani district of Stone Town serving healthy food prepared with natural ingredients and spices from around Zanzibar Island. Inspired by traditional Swahili receipes, while offering a selection of tasty sandwiches, chapatti wraps, salads, burgers and seafood platters, the menu style is defined as “Modern Swahili”.

Respecting the island's Muslim culture, alcohol is not served, but the drinks menu include the best fresh fruit juices in town, always blended at the time of order using a choice of local tropical fruits. The daily menu welcomes guests with: Very Karibu! Here it is all about simple, good food, as fresh as we can get it, eat with gutso! Live, laugh, love and celebrate.

Shangani, Stone Town, Zanzibar Island
Tel: +255 7762666679

Open for lunch and dinner, coffee, tea and snacks, from 11am until about 9pm everyday except Sundays.

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